According to Libya Herald, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) plans to increase longer-term production at the Tahara field to as much as 40,000 bpd. Plans are reported to have been put in place to raise production in several new fields. These come within the overall plans announced earlier in the week at the Benghazi meeting by NOC chairman Farhat Bengdara to increase production to 2 million bpd.

Tahara field, which is owned by the Arabian Gulf Oil Corporation (AGOCO), is situated in the Hamada region about 45 kilometres south of Zintan. The field was launched by AGOCO in February 2022, but it is still without a pipeline to transport its output to the coastal exporting ports. Despite this, it is regarded as a very potent oil and gas resource.

Tahara is anticipated to generate around 14,000 bpd at first, increasing to more than 40,000 bpd and roughly 6 million cubic feet of gas per day as it develops. If the Tahara field is targeted with precise supplemental research and the drilling of exploratory and developmental wells, it may produce twice as much as has been predicted.

The Hamada region of Ghadames is one of the most promising places because it has enormous reserves of oil and gas, and because the profits from this area are high despite the fact that it has geological difficulties.