According to Reuters, the US and German governments and business executives will meet this week to discuss the supply of liquefied natural gas and hydrogen to Europe’s largest economy, which is the most reliant on Russian oil and gas imports. The US Commerce Department will chair the conference.

The round table comes after the White House and the European Commission agreed to deliver an additional 15 billion cubic metres of American liquefied natural gas this year, with volumes expected to increase in the coming years.

Already, Europe receives 70% of US LNG exports as the energy-hungry continent grapples with an energy shortage that may worsen now that Russia has requested payment in rubles for the gas it delivers to the EU.

Russia sends around 100 billion cubic metres of natural gas to Europe each year, including to Turkey.

Commenting on the planned roundtable for Germany, one U.S. official told Reuters that “Industry moves at a different speed than government, so we’ll see. At least we’ll start the talks.”