Ghana Awards 3D Seismic Surveys of Keta Basin to TG-GEOPARTNERS

The Keta basin occupies one-third of the country and it is largely considered as underexplored.
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8th December 2020
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TG-GEOPARTNERS have been awarded a contract for 3D surveys over 1,400 kilometres square in the Keta basin by the government of Ghana, to allow a better understanding of the region, to prepare the next call for tenders for exploration licenses.

The Ghanaian regulator of the petroleum sector, the Petroleum Commission, announced the signing of a contract with the data supplier, TG-GEOPARTNERS, to carry out a multi-client 3D geophysical study in the Keta basin in the Volta region of Ghana.

The contract was signed by the director of Petroleum Commission, Egbert Faibille Junior, and a manager of TG-GEOPARTNERS, Thomas Tsiboe-Darko. Work is to start in early 2021 and it is to last for ten (10) months. The results are to be ready in the second quarter of 2022.

New advanced acquisition and imaging techniques that will be used in the survey will help the understanding of the complex structures of the area, which is tipped to become the next exploration hub in Ghana. The Keta basin occupies one-third of the country and it is largely considered as under-explored.

TG_GEOPARTNERS commented, “The agreement with the Petroleum Commission to conduct this very large 3D seismic study in the relatively under-explored, but very promising offshore Keta basin, is good news for the country and the development of the Ghanaian oil sector.”

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